This is a pretty long post, so I apologize in advance!

Summary: Today was amazing.  Hannah Hart is amazing. 

As most of you know, today was Hello, Harto Boston.  The day was amazing.  I got into Boston around 10 and instantly made friends in line.  While we waited in the cold, misty morning we babbled about conspiracy theories of Hannah hiding just across the street at a coffee shop, where she was probably laughing at us shivering our butts off while she could sip her tea. 

Around 11 we saw the RV pull around the corner and a few minutes later, Hannah and Pearl came over and we all went inside to warm up.  Since the Boston meetup was at a music hall instead of a food bank and we wouldn’t be doing ‘charity work’ Hannah held a Q&A for about 40 minutes and then we got to take pictures with her and get hugs. :D

I brought two of my kendamas with me to have her sign one and then to give her one as a gift.  (In the MDK: Ice Cream vid she plays one in one of the last scenes).

I went up to her to give her a hug and she said, ‘Hi! I’m Hannah!’ super enthusiastically so I sheepishly replied, “Hi I’m Alexyss”.  I explained to her that I wanted her to have one of my kendamas and she said she was “stoked!” because she had lost her old one when she moved from NYC to LA.  When I gave it to her she started to unravel it like she was super excited to play it; so that was really cute and I’m very happy that she seemed to like it.  

I got a couple pictures with her and she signed my kendama and put a smiley face in one of the cups saying “This is MY smiley” in a really silly voice.  

Hannah is just an amazing and sweet person.  She is so nice and beautiful and I think that everything she is doing is absolutely amazing. I feel truly blessed(and I don’t say blessed a lot) to have met her. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model than Hannah Hart <3

If you read all of that then thank you!!

PS. If you were at the meetup today or especially if you were one of the girls I was hanging out with in line then contact me! I think it’d be cool to keep in touch! 

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